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Empty Vegan Capsules Size 0 White


These Vegetable Capsules are high in quality and are pesticide free. There are no Preservatives or Additives. These capsules are free of the following allergens and their derivatives: Milk/Diary products (Lactose)/Celery/Crustacean Shellfish/Eggs/Sugar including Glucose/Alcohol/Fish/Corn/Maize/Gluten/Rice/Lupin/Fruits/ Tree nuts/Molluscs/Mustard/Mono Sodium Glutamate/Peanuts/Soybeans and Soy/Lecithin/Glutamic Acid/Rye/Yeast/Starch/Wheat/Oats/Barley/Latex/Sesame/ Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

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