What Are Empty Gelatin Capsules And Their Types?

Have you ever heard about Empty Gelatin Capsules? And do you know how versatile they are? Well, the gelatin capsules with nothing in them are widely used nutraceutical tools. You can use them for multiple purposes, like storing your medications, natural herbs for your skin, or other healthy products that you can use in your daily life.

The best thing about gelatin capsules is their flexibility and comfort. You can fill them with both liquid and solid substances. They are used in the pharmaceutical industry as a source of pharmaceutical tools.

The Empty Gelatin Capsules are tasteless shells that come in different sizes or colors. However, the different colors of capsules depict different energies or psychological effects on the human brain. Before we jump into these details, it is essential to understand Gelatin Capsules briefly.

What Are Empty Gelatin Capsules?

The word gelatin capsules is a self-explaining term. It depicts a gelatin substance converted into a specific shape known as a capsule. However, it was a general description, but the scientific version of a gelatin capsule is a tasteless chemical substance that stores various substances either medicinal or of regular use. 

How Are Gelatin Capsules Formed?

Gelatin capsules consist of two main ingredients one is gelatin and the other is water. When both substances react to gather, they form a shell of animal collagen. In other words, they are derived from animal collagen, a complete opposite of plant-based materials. However, this beautiful combination of water and gelatin is easy to swallow or use. Although people have misconceptions that these two components are not easy to administer especially when they are in one place, trust me even pure vegetarians have no complaints about gelatin capsules.

Where Are The Types Of Gelatin Capsules?

There are three main types of Gelatin capsules, and two are the subtypes. The main three types of Gelatin Capsules are

Clear Gelatin Capsules

The clear gelatin capsules are transparent capsules with no color or taste. They are unique in appearance and also come with the benefits of transparency. You can see through them or get an idea of the substance inside. Therefore, the nutraceutical industries prefer them over other gelatin capsules to keep an eye on the ingredients. Also, most of the supplements are packed in these capsules to build a connection of trust between consumer and client. Both of them can see and make calculations in their mind regarding substance purity. 

In addition, they are one of the most simple and pure versions of gelatin capsules in the pharmaceutical industry with transparent color and peaceful presence.

Flavored Gelatin Capsules

The flavored gelatin capsules as the name suggests come with some kind of taste. There is a chance that they could be sweet, bitter, or something in between. The purpose of making these capsules is to help people find a happy reason to swallow their supplements or medications. There are a lot of people who struggle when it comes to medications, but flavored gelatin capsules are like a silver lining in dark clouds. It links people with something pleasant and sweet despite being a medicine. 

Capsules are unpleasant, and we all agree with this fact. To break the stereotypes or give people another image of capsules, flavored shells are introduced. They consist of an added flavor and taste to enhance the overall image of oral medications. 

Enteric-Coated Gelatin Capsules

These capsules are a special version for your stomach protection. They come up with a protective coating to prevent acidity or any unpleasant event in your stomach. It also acts as a shield between your stomach acid and the substance inside the capsules. The purpose of these special capsules is to avoid any kind of reaction between chemical substances in your stomach or the contents inside the capsule. 

In addition, they are specially designed capsules with enteric coating. They can dissolve in alkaline environments while safely passing from the stomach to the small intestine. 

Moreover, the other two types of gelatin capsules depend upon the color and size of the capsules.

Size Of Gelatin Capsules

The gelatin capsules come in the range of 5 to 000 the size 5 capsule is small while the capsule 000 is big. Each one of them is for a different purpose and use depending upon the diameter of the gelatin capsule.

Color Of Gelatin Capsules

There is a wide range of colors for gelatin capsules. Some are in vibrant colors like yellow, red, and orange, while some are dull colors like purple, light green, or sky blue. The bright color capsules consist of vitamins while the light color gelatin capsules infuse chemical substances other than vitamins.

This change in color and size has a psychological impact, and pharmaceutical companies are aware of it. 

Final Thoughts

The Empty Gelatin Capsules are like a blessing in disguise. You can use them for multiple purposes depending on their types, size, or colors. It is up to you how you utilize them or create brand recognition through them.